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Anti-Bug report! GOLD BOXES

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Remember in old Gtanks times? If a map ended at 100 fund then in the next map it will drop at 600?

remember this? Remember how this was removed since it was a so called "bug" !

remember how in the year 2009 gold boxes would drop the same way they used to in gtanks?

well here is proof the 100 then 600 gold box was NOT a bug

maxresdefault.jpg as you can see the gold is dropping at 1053 fund!!!

Please undo the update that removed the 100 then 600 and make it back to the original way as this would encourage player to stay in maps for longer instead of logging off and making this game a mess causing it to DIE! WHo here is With Me!

Also it is pretty obvious that players knew that the gold would drop at this fund! why else would there be such a crowd?


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  • 03.12.2009 Addition of the Gold Box worth 1000 crystals.
  • 11.12.2009 Value of the Gold Box reduced to 100 crystals.
  • 08.03.2012 Notification added, displaying the name of the player that took the Gold Box.
  • 26.04.2012 Gold Box drop algorithm was changed. After this update it could randomly drop at any fund.




I highly recommend implementing the old system of gold boxes back in January/February 

or make gold boxes random. This will encourage players to stay in maps and not leave them!

It can also get rid of mults that mult until 700 and leave

random golds and cry boxes will also help low ranked players

(this could help the game)

these are 2 solutions for me to conclude.


mind you all the updates listed above are before the rebalance and graphic update!

this is possible to implement according to this projects goal


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