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so, I was stupid enough to join a map that was 17 hours long, 13/17 hours in (not in the video) I crashed and did not recieve the crystals, at thos momemt in time the fund was 6k, by the end of the map it was 8k, I would Have gotten about 1k however, I crashed after being afk for 4 hours ( I was sleeping), I feel like for 13 HOURS OF NON STOP PLAY i should receive at least some kind of compensation  People always ask me why my garage is so trash, this is one of the reasons why :( 


this video shows the point in time were I begin to go AFK, i do so for the next 4 hours until I crash and couldnt rejoin due to "connection closed by server"  a bug that sometimes happen when I glitch in maps, another thing that happened  is that I did not receive the daily reward I should have


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